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by nifeRO on 2024-03-04

nifeRO Detailed Server Configuration

  • Server Features:
     99/70 Pre-Renewal

  • Detailed Rates
    Usable Item Drop Chance:          1x   
    Equipment Drop Chance:            5x    -   (e.g. Gloves, Shiled/Buckler and Muffler)
    Etc Item Drop Chance:               2x    -   (Items that are in the ETC tab, besides card)
    MvP Equipment Drop Chance:     2x    -   (e.g. Combat Knife and Valkyrian Armor)
    Card  Drop Chance:                   5x    -   (0.05%)
    MVP & Miniboss Card:                1x    -   (0.01%)

  • Server Information
    Episode 11.3 - Endless Nightmare, Nameless Island
    Max. Base Level / Job Level: 99/70
    Max. Stats: 99
    Max ASPD:   190
    Instant Cast: 150 DEX
    Party Share Range: 15 Levels
    International Server
    Server Language: English
    Server Time: (UTC +1)
    Emulator:    rAthena

  • Server Features
    HD World
    Herb event on Thursdays in Geffen
    Max. Clients: 2 (Except in WoE)
    Daily Rewards System
    nifeRO Coin System: Supportive items and Costumes can be purchased with nifeRO coins, which drop %5 from each monster
    Card Announcement System
    No Healer, No Warper, No Job Changer, No Stat/Skill Reset

  • Technical Information
    Server Location: Europe / Germany
    Proxy: Brazil, Australia, Singapore
    Full Gepard Shield 3.0 / Anti-DDoS Protection





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