Novice Training Grounds

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The Novice is the starting point for all characters in nifeRO Online. When you create a new character, you may choose from different Hairstyles and Hair colors. Novices do not incur any EXP penalty upon death and regain 50% HP when respawning. You may also choose which starting Stats to have. Once Job Level 10, Novices can change into one of the following First Classes;

  • Swordman
  • Mage
  • Archer
  • Merchant
  • Thief
  • Acolyte

Alternatively, they can choose to become one of the Expanded Classes:

  • Super Novice
  • TaeKwon Kid
  • Ninja
  • Gunslinger

Training Grounds

The Renewal Training Grounds are essentially the same as the Pre-Renewal, with the exception that stat points are not required at the outset. Furthermore, the Quests from these Job NPCs can provide new players with initial supplies and EXP, provided they are willing to invest the time to complete them.

Class Data

Skill Description Levels Type
Basic Skill
Enables the use of Basic Interface Skills such as Trading, Kafra use and Chatroom and Party creation. 9 Passive