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20 April 2024

  • curprev 17:5417:54, 20 April 2024Nifero talk contribs 850 bytes +850 Created page with "* In order for the players playing on the nifeRO server to spend more quality time with each other, changes have been made to the maps in places where they can party. The changes made are as follows. == Alde_dun02 == '''Arclouze''' removed from the map. Increased the amount of "'''High Orcs'''" from 50 -> 60 == Lou_fild01 == Respawn time of "'''Mi Gao'''" removed == Cmd_fild02 == Increased the amount of" '''Seal'''" from 18 -> 26. == Cmd_fild03 == Reduced the amount..." Tag: Visual edit