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We have implemented a series of enhancements to our server infrastructure with the objective of enhancing the gaming experience.

Our goal is to cultivate a community-centred environment that fosters enjoyment and player satisfaction

Game Play

  • We have implemented two announcement systems to enhance transparency for the players on nifeRO. The first is a notification system that informs players about the defeat of MVP's on which map and by whom. The second feature alerts the server whenever items at 0.2% chance drop. In addition, items dropped in the game are announced through the #drop-channels on discord, so you can also be informed about the items dropped when you are not online. Announcement System
  • @Arealoot Command available (3x3 cells)
  • @Autotrade Command available (After 72 hours autotraders will be automatically disconnect from server).
  • You can buy the "Gym Pass" from nifeRO Coin NPC
  • Novice Training Grounds
  • Reducing the login/ logout time from 10 → 5 seconds
  • Orc Archer drops Gakkung [2] instead of Orc Archer Bow
  • Orc Archer Bow added to the list of items dropped from Orc Lord MVP
  • Monster skill "Hallucination" has been removed from the normal monsters except MVP

Proxy Servers

  • Server based in Frankfurt Germany
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Singapore

Party Changes

  • Party Share Bonus Experience has been increased. E.g An even-share party of 5 people will receive +40% exp (4 members * 10% exp)
  • Party Share Range: 15
  • In order for the players playing on the nifeRO server to spend more quality time with each other, changes have been made to the maps in places where they can party. You can read more by clicking here.
  • Monster emotion "Rest/Sleep" has been removed from the High Orc, Medusa, Seal, Anolian and Majoruros.

Skills Changes

  • Skill Rebalancing
  • The effects of the "Gospel" skill will be removed when the map is changed and reloged.


  • Inn Employee Buffed with "Increase Agility" and "Blessing" Skills (5 minutes).
  • Tool Dealer NPCs updated in all cities
  • Guild Storage NPCs updated in all cities

Client Side

  • Visible area size: 22 (How many squares away from a player they can see)
  • Max Walk Path: 21 (How many cells a player can walk going to cursor)
  • HD World
  • HD DMG
  • Transparents textures
  • LGP


Gepard Shield 3.0

Information will be updated